Ten Sorry Tales

A book of bones and stones, of vengeful hermits and wayward hearses, of junior Rip Van Winkles and resurrectionists. From the faintly weird to the fiercely eccentric, and from the everyday to the surreal, the stories read like cautionary tales and modern-day fables.

The characters make for peculiar but exquisite company.

The Pearce sisters
The boy who fell asleep
A row-boat in the cellar
The lepidoctor
Hermit wanted
Alien abduction
The girl who collected bones
Neither hide nor hair
Crossing the river
The button thief

A unique mixture of pathos, humour and cruelty, delightfully disturbing for an adult or child,’ Times Educational Supplement

David Roberts’ beautiful, haunting illustrations play up the book’s macabre overtones, but while the stories are gothic, they are also profoundly human at heart. Sorry tales, but oddly life affirming too,’ Time Out